A GUI Wizard for Developing Command & Control Applications in CAVE

S. Buntha, M. Muhanna, S. Okamoto, S. Dascalu, and F.C. Harris (USA)


CAVE, ommand & control, GUI wizard, uman omputer interaction, imulation, oftware engineering, irtual reality


Command and control systems have gained an increasingly vital role when it comes to displaying information about operational situations. In such situations, pictures have traditionally been presented on 2D media, rather than 3D displays. CAVEMANDER is a software platform that we created to improve the visualization and immersion of presenting command and control situations inside the CAVE. This paper describes a proposed GUI wizard used to develop command and control applications in CAVE based on the software architecture of CAVEMANDER. The wizard supports designing and creating command and control simulation scenes and scenarios. Details of the wizard’s interface and functionality as well as a case study of a simulation scenario are provided in the paper.

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