Social Networking as a Social and Cultural Reconfiguration: A Case Study of AcessaSP

B. Passarelli, C. Pontes Freire, and J. Kiyomura Moreno (Brazil)


Social networking, Digital inclusion, Socialcommunication interfaces, Virtual communities,Educommunication.


This is an investigative ethnographical study on the participation of youths and young adults in the AcessaSP digital inclusion program, financed by the São Paulo State Government and developed in partnership with NAP School of the Future/USP. It covers analyses of profiles and the uses of social networking tools and their implications for the program. It makes use of a significant sampling methodology involving focus groups for the collection of qualitative data, subsequently organized by geographical region and age range. The results indicate a massive adoption of social networking services, like Orkut, by the program participants, thus detailing new social configurations in the proliferation of these services.

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