Embedded Laboratory Instruction: C8051F330-GP and the ISPM4A5-64/32

D.R. Wilcox, S.E. Wilson (USA), and G.W. Wöstenkühler (Germany)


C8051F330; Microcontroller; CPLD; Embedded design;


Laboratory instruction of embedded design at the freshman and sophomore level is difficult to incorporate while retaining the essential student learning experience of hardware interfacing. In this paper, a method of incorporating the hardware interfacing learning experience in an electrical and computer engineering curriculum is presented. The laboratory instruction is centered on the C8501F330-GP microcontroller and the ispM4A5 64/32 CPLD. The course development is the direct result of collaboration between engineering faculty at Hochschule Harz (University of Applied Studies and Research) in Wernigerode, Germany and Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia, USA that has been ongoing since 2006. The discussion that follows includes an overview of Silicon Laboratories C8051F330, an overview of the Lattice Semiconductor ispM4A5-64/32, a design review of a custom CPLD development board, and a discussion of how the development board and the microcontroller has been used in the laboratory to teach embedded design.

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