Teaching Diagnostic Modeling of Digital Systems with Decision Diagrams

R. Ubar, J. Raik, D. Mironov, T. Evartson, M. Aarna, E. Orasson (Estonia), and H.-D. Wuttke (Germany)


Digital circuits and systems, Design, Testing, Fault simulation, Decision diagrams, Teaching test, Educational tools for learning test


A conception of using decision diagrams as a theoretical tool for diagnostic modeling of digital systems and an environment consisting of web-based applets and of a downloadable set of tools for hands-on training in the field of test is presented. The training consists of two parts: interactive learning of basic problems by using web-based interactive learning modules, and laboratory research based learning of advanced problems by using low-cost diagnostic tools. The described conception and tool environment allow to improve theoretical background and skills of students to be educated for electronics and system-on-chip design in test related topics.

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