A Quantifiable Approach in Strategic and Operational Planning in Educational Institutions

V. Pougatchev (Jamaica)


Strategic planning, operational planning, performance – based management, online appraisal process


The success of each educational institution generally is based on many components: performance of academic and non-academic staff, quality of educational programmes and their relevance to real world demands, and ability of that institution to achieve its targets, which are based on Strategic and Operational planning and University targets. These three components are critical from the perspective of the institution’s mission statement. We suppose that the ability to achieve targets may be considered to be one of the main indicators of the success of an institution. In this paper we describe a quantifiable approach developed for the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) to identify a formal measurement tool to evaluate the yearly position of the institution on its way to achieving its strategic goals, based on a strategic plan at least five years long. We anticipate that our approach may be useful for other educational institutions.

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