Agent based Intelligent Courseware Generation in e-Learning Systems

A. Grubišić, S. Stankov, and V. Glavinić (Croatia)


elearning, Courseware generation, Intelligent agent, Curriculum design and development, System architecture


Since involvement of computers in educational, academic and business communities has increased, e-learning systems present involvement of information and communication technology as constituent part of education that supports a teacher in traditional learning and teaching process. In this paper, our focus is placed on learning materials in e-learning systems, how they are selected, sequenced and presented in a form of courseware. The main idea of this preliminary research related to intelligent courseware generation is in dynamic planning of courseware elements based on a student’s knowledge. A term “intelligent courseware generation” has not been used so far in this form and with the semantics described later on. Here, we define a multiagent system model for intelligent courseware generation that would enable collaboration of different intelligent agents that would, eventually, enhance student’s learning and teaching process.

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