Assessment of Learning in Concerto III: A Collaborative Learning Support System based on Question-Posing

Y. Hirai, A. Hazeyama, and T. Inoue (Japan)


Collaborative Learning, Web-based Learning


A collaborative learning support system based on question-posing by learners named Concerto III has been developed. It has been applied to a distributed asynchronous environment since 2006. From results of the application, the system has been enhanced. In this paper, learning effectiveness of Concerto III in a distributed asynchronous environment is analyzed. The analysis was carried out from the viewpoint of quantitative assessment, qualitative assessment and motivation of learners. The results of analysis indicated that (1) the learners who posed questions actively marked a higher score in post-test than the learners who posed inactively, (2) the learners who posed high-quality questions increased more in score from pre- to post-test than the learners who posed low-quality, and that (3) the system motivated learners to learn.

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