Disturbance Attenuation based on an Observer with a Function of Estimating Unmeasurable Inputs and its Application

T. Narikiyo, K. Fuwa, S. Kadowaki, T. Mori, and H. Kando (Japan)


disturbance observer, robust servo system, disturbance at tenuation, 1-mass system


In order to reduce the adverse effect of disturbance, the ex act dynamical model of disturbance must be contained in the closed loop system. Therefore, in general, the control performance is deteriorated because of the adverse effects of disturbance when the dynamical model of disturbance is unknown. To overcome this problem studies on distur bance attenuation based on an observer with a function of estimating unmeasurable inputs have been developed in re cent years. The aim of these studies is to synthesize the compensator which reduces the adverse effects of distur bance without disturbance model. In this paper, regulation and servo control strategies based on disturbance attenua tion are presented, and an application to the 1-mass system is given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methods.

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