DCM and Quaternion Partial Matching Methods for Transfer Alignment

T. Kim, Y. Lim, and J. Lyou (Korea)


SDINS, DCM, Quaternion, Partial matching, Transfer alignment, Kalman filter


This paper addresses the transfer alignment problem of Strap-Down Inertial Navigation Systems (SDINS) mounted on a vehicle such as a ship or an aircraft. In transfer alignment, vehicle flexure is an important error source in misalignment estimation, because the flexure acceleration and rotation are sensed only by the slave Inertial Navigation System (INS) and not by the master INS. To reduce attitude errors between the slave and master INSs due to the flexure motion of the vehicle, attitude partial matching methods based on the Direction Cosine Matrix (DCM) and quaternion are devised and compared by means of simulation and mathematical analysis. With respect to the declining rate of the azimuth misalignment, it is shown that the DCM partial matching scheme is superior to the quaternion based method.

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