Real μ-Analysis by Stability Feeler

T. Matsuda, M. Kawanishi, and T. Narikiyo (Japan)


robust control, robust stability analysis, linear systems, pa rameter space, µ-analysis, Stability Feeler


The real structured singular value µ is effective for robust stability analysis of systems with structured uncertainty. Several methods for obtaining upper bounds of µ have been proposed, however, it is difficult to obtain the true value of µ. In this paper we propose a new calculation method for an upper bound of real structured singular value µ by Sta bility Feeler, which is a new robust stability analysis tool proposed by T. Matsuda et al.. It is shown that defined up per bound and lower bound of an upper bound of µ can be calculated by using Stability Feeler. To obtain sharper up per bound of µ by using the bisection method, a method to check in which section the upper bound of µ exists is also given. Finally, we compare the result of a numerical exam ple to those obtained by the other methods including that using the robust semidefinite program (robust SDP).

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