Automatic Buildings Recognition using a 3G Smartphone

C. Vázquez, I. Vertiz, C. Salazar, A. Preciado, J.J. Mendoza, and G. Vertiz (Mexico)


Buildings recognition, mobile technologies, artificial intelligence.


Buildings recognition using artificial vision techniques is a classical task for which many approaches have been used. An algorithm for performing such task is the SIFT algorithm. The SIFT algorithm has been widely used for image matching processes due to its robustness to light, orientation and scale variations. The aim of our project is to provide the user of a 3G Smartphone with the capabilities to locate himself when introduced to a new place without any human assistance. For instance, when a visitor, student or faculty is approaching to a new campus of the ITESM system, he will be able to take a picture of a building nearby and he will receive useful information of the recognized building so he orient himself.

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