The Improvement of Tissue Contour Extraction Method in Medical Image

L. Zheng, G. Li, and Y. Bao (PRC)


Image Segmentation; Gray Value; Edge Detection; Contour Tracking;


According to the grayscale features and symmetry of tissues in medical image, the extraction method of tissue contour lines is improved. Bidirectional contour tracking algorithm is proposed. According to the grayscale features, firstly specify the detection threshold and detect image with specific threshold. Then specify the edge starting point and track tissue edge with clockwise direction and anticlockwise direction. At last, obtain contour lines of tissue. When segmentation different tissue, different detection threshold is used. Experimental results show that if tissue has good continuity and symmetry, the improved contour extraction method can quickly and accurately segment tissue contour lines. This method can create clear segmentation result. If tissue has poor continuity and symmetry, the segmentation result isn’t clear.

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