Linear Matrix Inequality Solution of the Direct Data Domain Approach

M. Yilmaz, N. Yilmazer, H. Liu, and S. Bhumkar (USA)


Smart antennas, interference nulling, convex formulation


This paper presents a new solution technique for smart antenna applications where the interferences are nulled and the signals are increased in the direction of interest. The convex formulation of the direct data domain approach offers another viable computational tool to address matrix inversion and possibly real-time computational complexity of the problem. The linear matrix inequality implementation of the convex optimization framework has been developed to address the shortcomings of the previous methods. The numerical results have shown that linear matrix inequality approach performs very well. Additionally, the new proposed technique eliminates the need of the matrix inversion that is required in the direct data domain approach. To show the applicability and efficacy of the method, the performance of the new technique is compared with other well known technique in the literature.

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