An Improved Sensor-Less Detector for Loss-of-Synchronism in Stepping Motors

W.-X. Sun and N. Hori (Japan)


Steppingmotordriver, Lossofsynchronism (LOS), Sensorless LOS detection, Parameter identification of a synchronous model.


Two methods are presented in this study to improve a previously proposed sensor-less detection scheme for loss-of-synchronism in stepping-motors. The first makes a judicious use of an internal signal readily available in the driver circuit. The second is based on a model of a portion of the driver under synchronous operation, which is identified using an off-line parameter identification scheme. An extensive series of experiments using a driver/motor actuating a ball-screw slider mechanism within a maximum start-up pulse-rate for a hold mode and rotation modes up to 3500Hz have been carried out. These methods are much simpler and more widely applicable than the prototype method previously proposed. Pros and cons of these two methods are discussed, which suggest that, in general, the second method may be more suitable for practical applications.

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