Robust Magnetic Attitude Control of Low-Orbit Small Satellite

V. Malyavej, P. Artitthang, and M. Aorpimai (Thailand)


Attitude control, Small satellite, Robust control


The magnetic torque coupled form the Earth’s magnetic field is the most fundamental technique to generate torque for attitude control of low Earth orbit small satellites. The Earth’s magnetic field is time varying as well as non uniform distribution around the globe. Hence, normally there is large variation of the magnetic field from the nom inal one using in controller design. In this work, we ap ply the robust control for the low Earth orbit small satel lite actuated only by magnetic torque. The proposed con troller, based on integral quadratic constraint, is of linear and robust respect to the input torque uncertainty. The com plexity of computing the controller gain is the same as lin ear quadratic controller that can be computed off-line and stored in memory. The simulation results show that the per formance of the proposed method is better than the optimal controller in the present of input magnetic torque uncer tainty.

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