Generalized Dynamic Inversion Control of F-16 Fighter-Jet Lateral Maneuvering

A.H. Bajodah (Saudi Arabia) and I. Hameduddin (USA)


Dynamic inversion control, Generalized dynamic inver sion, Dynamically scaled generalized inverse, Null-control vector, Aerospace applications, Lateral-Directional maneu ver.


The generalized dynamic inversion control design paradigm is applied to lateral control of an F-16 jet fighter model. The purpose of the control system is to perform a directional maneuver while holding speed of the vehicle constant. The model of the vehicle is decomposed into two parts by partitioning the state vector into outer and inner parts. A quadratic scalar function in the attitude and speed states is defined, resembling the deviation of the outer state vector from its desired value. A second order linear stable dynamics in the outer state deviation function is specified and evaluated along solution trajectories of the vehicle’s equations of motion, resulting in a linear algebraic relation in the control vector. The control design is made by generalized inversion of the relation using the Greville formula, and the resulting control law consists of particular and auxiliary parts. The particular part works to drive the outer states to their desired values by nullifying the outer state deviation function. The auxiliary part of the control law acts on the nullspace of the controls coefficient in the algebraic relation, and it provides the vehicle’s internal stability with the aid of the null-control vector.

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