Investigating the Use of Fuzzy Logic for Smart Traffic Lights at an Overpass

N. Sangster, P. Persad, and D. Duncan (Trinidad and Tobago)


Traffic, Overpass, Fuzzy Logic, Decision Support


In the last five years the traffic situation at the Preysal Overpass in Trinidad has been under scrutiny due to the large pile up of traffic and long waiting times at the lights especially during ‘peak’ periods. The increase in the amount of foreign used vehicles on the road and the introduction of new institutions nearby has contributed to the increase in traffic in the area. There are several lanes of traffic that enter the overpass and as many governing traffic lights. The traffic lights at the intersection are timed and do not allow for any smart decisions regarding the traffic pileup along a particular lane. This paper proposes the use of Fuzzy Logic (FL) for use in controlling these lights. The FL system developed looked at the pile up of traffic along all lanes and made a decision as to whether there should be an increase or a decrease in the period of time any particular light stayed on for. A system was set up with rulebases for the lights present at the intersection and others specifically for decisions taking into account priority lane assignments. The final output was a time extension for each of the traffic lights. The system was tested and showed encouraging results for further work.

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