The Usage of Computer Vision for Identifying Vehicles during their Production Process

F. Mello, L. Schnitman (Brazil), and J.A.M. Felippe de Souza (Portugal)


Pattern recognition; Computer vision; Image processing; 1. Tracking the vehicle during its production process, in cluding its assembly, quality control and shipment to dealer is crucial to guarantee the whole manufacturing process integrity. The tracking process allows: 1. Generation of information to feed the logistic sys tems, responsible for controlling parts consumption and supply chain management; 2. Tracking separately the production stages of each vehicle ordered to the plant;


The automotive industry, motivated by its necessity of processes and products automation, has been using pat tern recognition and computer vision to develop system that are able to perform tasks previously dedicated to the human. This paper discusses a system developed to rec ognize the Vehicle Identification Number from a picture taken from this vehicle during its production process. Noise factor such as ambient lightening variation and image resolution are treated and each software step is presented.

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