Accidents by Electrical Contact of Heavy Vehicles with the Power Distribution Network Overhead Lines

P.D. Bourkas, P.T. Tsarabaris, E.I. Koufakis, J.S. Katsanis, and A.D. Polykrati (Greece)


Electrical accidents, power distribution, overhead lines


In case that a heavy vehicle gets in metallic contact with a medium voltage distribution line it happens a thermal breakdown of the rubber wheels, with the consequence the power supply not to be interrupted during the scheduled three cycles of “interruption-reclosing” of the protection equipment, but to be required much longer time for the definite interruption. Danger of electric shock is then emerging, due to the step voltage developed near the vehicle. In case of a low voltage line, breakdown of the rubber wheels does not occur but there is the danger of ignition in warm points and to the fuels. In any case the driver must jump away from the vehicle without touching it.

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