Magnetic Field Measurements under Two-Pole Type Distribution Substations in the Low Frequency Range

A.N. Proios, S.D. Anagnostatos, J.S. Katsanis, P.T. Tsarabaris, and P.D. Bourkas (Greece)


Magnetic field, measurements, twopole type distribution substation, low frequency, residential area.


Taking into consideration that generation, transmission and distribution of electric power are accompanied with the presence of magnetic and electric fields, it is not surprising that the concern of the public regarding the possible effects from the exposure to the above mentioned fields has grown considerably the last decades. This paper intends to demonstrate the values of the resultant magnetic field, deriving from low frequency magnetic fields, that can be recorded in residential areas close to two-pole type distribution substations 20/0.4kV. The measurements were conducted in three representative regions based on the density of the existing buildings. It became evident that the magnetic field values were lower in comparison to the international specified limits.

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