Power Optimization of the Complex Pumping System

A. Alexandrescu (Romania)


Adduction, hydrophore, pipe network, pumping station, optimization and tank Nomenclature Latin symbols ap [] average overall quota in pumping station ap” [] yearly average expenses quota in pumping station ar [] average overall quota in pipe ar” [] yearly average expenses quota in pipe D [m] pipe’s rated diameter es [Wh/m4 ]unitary specific energy consumption Ep [kWh] basis energy E’p [kWh/y] energy yearly average consumption F, f, g [] constant HgH [m] hydrophore geometrica


This paper proposes a solution of the problem of reducing production costs for supplied domestic water, which directly affects the reduction of the electric power consumption. The paper presents the methodology and the program of calculus for the transport’s optimization of the water under pressure in the system of supply with water of Iasi city. The optimization process will take into account that the profitability of water distribution activity depends on the relationship between supply capability and operating costs, i.e. Therefore, the process depends on the volume of required investment, on the specific consumption electrical power for pumping, on the price of electricity, as well as on the volume of water billed on a monthly basis. The optimization calculation will use two target functions: total maximum efficiency and total electric power consumption required for transport of each cubic meter of supplied water, and cubic meter of sewage water, respectively. The mathematical methods may be improved by taking into account all active consumers in the network with simultaneous water requirements, at each moment of the day.

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