Normal Flux Distribution in 45º T-Joint of Three Phase Transformer Core with Staggered Yoke and Limb10mm

I. Daut and D.M.M. Ahmad (Malaysia)


Grain oriented silicon iron, transformer core, normal flux distribution, fundamental flux.


This paper describes the result of measurement of normal flux distribution 3-phase 100kVA transformer core assembled with 450 T-joint. The investigation involves the variation of normal flux distribution in the core lamination. The normal flux distribution has been measured using no load test by arrays of search coil. The highest normal flux distribution occurs at the corner edge of the centre limb that is 0.160T and lowest at upper edge of yoke that is 0.121T. The average value of normal flux distribution is high at flux transfer region of the lamination. The flux transfer mechanism shows that two separate path flowing horizontally in the yoke before leaving the lamination to vertically adjacent layer and combine with the flux in that layer. Then, it will transfer back to origin region and extend through the centre limb.

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