Thermal Analysis for Different Types of PV Panels

C. Dainese, R. Faranda, and S. Leva (Italy)


Photovoltaic Conversion, Thermal Analysis, Liquid Cooled PV Panels, Equivalent Thermal Network.


The paper presents a preliminary study of the thermal behavior of different types of photovoltaic (PV) panels. In particular in the paper the traditional panel (non architectonic PV panel), the architectonic PV panel and a innovative PV panel, which adopts a liquid cooled, are compared in order to evaluate their thermal performance. Thermal models and equivalent thermal networks of each PV panel belonging to the aforementioned categories has been developed to evaluate the thermal behavior in steady state conditions for a specific and constant irradiance and environment temperature values. The thermal transmittance and the operative temperature of the PV cell of each PV panel are computed and compared. in order to put in evidence the thermal performances of the PV panels and to highlight the highest performances of liquid cooled panels with respect to traditional ones.

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