An Agent-based Multi-Scale Wind Generation Model

E. Kremers, N. Lewald (Germany), O. Barambones, J.M. González de Durana (Spain)


Wind Power, Wind Simulation, Hybrid Model, Agent Based Model, MultiScale, Reliability


This paper presents an agent-based model for simulating wind power systems on multiple time scales. The aim is to generate a flexible model that allows us to simulate the output of a wind farm. The model is developed using multi paradigm modelling, combining different approaches such as agent-based modelling, discrete events and dynamic sys tems. First, the theoretical background concerning the ba sic models for wind speed generation and power turbines is explained, as well as the fundamentals of agent-based modelling. After that, the implementation of these models is illustrated. In the next step, some sample simulations are shown and the application of the model is discussed. The proposed model aims to represent the wind power produc tion by modelling wind farms consisting of wind turbine units on different time scales, taking into account fluctu ating wind speeds and technical reliability. The model is able to compute the aggregated output power of the wind farm influenced by different random factors and can thus recreate a realistic power unit to be used in integral energy system simulations.

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