Wind Power in Brazil: A Sustainable Energy

R. Moreira da Silva (Brazil, Sweden) and J.R. de Queirós (Brazil)


Wind Power; Sustainable, Use in Brazil


In this article we present the wind power as renewable energy and discuss the benefits and difficulties of its use in Brazil. It is an exploratory study since there are many studies on the technology of generating energy through wind, but there are little discussion about the benefits and impacts of its use applied to Brazil. Thus, to support the theoretical basis, we adopted the approach of survey and we seek in Science Direct all articles written -between 2007 until now in Europe to set up theoretical knowledge base. The data collection was made in other journals and websites to close the gaps of each topic and make a direct application to Brazil. Thus, this paper is a survey on the use and prospects of wind energy in Brazil. After a short theoretical introduction involving the issue of sustainable energy, our method was to describe the prospects for use in growth, benefits of using wind power and the need for appropriate policies, when considering its use in Brazil. We conclude that despite many difficulties today, the Brazilian government began to organize to take more consistent actions to promote the development of the promising wind sector.

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