Variable Structure Control for Maximum Wind Power Extraction

O. Barambones, J.M. Gonzalez de Durana, and P. Alcorta (Spain)


Wind Power, Variable Structure Control, Nonlinear Sys tem, Modeling and Simulation


The actual wind turbines are provided with adjustable speed generators, like the double feed induction generator, that are capable to work in variable speed operations. One of the main advantage of adjustable speed generators is that they improve the system efficiency compared to fixed speed generators because turbine speed is adjusted as a function of wind speed to maximize output power. However this systems requires a suitable speed controller in order to track the optimal wind turbine speed reference. In this work, it is proposed a sliding mode control for variable speed wind turbines. The robustness analysis of the proposed controller under disturbances and parameter uncertainties is provided using the Lyapunov stability theory and simu lated results show that the proposed controller provides a good performance.

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