Power Transfer Capability Assessment of Transmission Interfaces with SVC and Load Shedding Systems

V. Pavlovsky, Y. Dolzhenitsa, and K. Ushapovskiy (Ukraine)


Voltage stability, SVC, Load Shedding, and Transfer Capability


The article deals with the problem of the transfer capability assessment and monitoring for interfaces with SVC and load shedding schemes. It is shown that transfer capability calculation off-line includes models’ inaccuracy and uncertainty. The special measure to monitor transfer capability on-line is proposed. This measure is a distance to voltage instability point. The distance may be observed by measurement of SVC output. The problem of optimal SVC size selection is considered. The new approach is proposed. The approach is based on P-V curves analysis. From the transfer capability point of view optimal SVC size may be obtained from P-V curves for various system conditions caused by outage of different elements. The new approach allows to rate SVC optimally for increasing transfers capability of transmission corridors.

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