A Feedback Linearization based Generator Voltage Regulator for Power Systems

G. Gurrala and I. Sen (India)


Power System Stability, InputOutput feedback lineariza tion, smallsignal stability, Transient Stability.


A new method of designing a nonlinear voltage regulator is proposed in this paper. The regulator is based on out put feedback linearization and can achieve both voltage regulation and stability enhancement simultaneously. Con ventionally output feedback linearization has been used for voltage regulator design by taking infinite bus voltage as reference. This paper proposes to derive the control law using the output feedback linearization approach by taking the secondary voltage of the step-up transformer as refer ence instead of the infinite bus voltage. It has been possi ble to considerably improve the damping performance of the proposed regulator with this modification. The perfor mance of the proposed regulator is evaluated on a single machine infinite bus model of a power system at diverse operating conditions. The simulation results show that the performance of the proposed regulator is better or compara ble to that of a linear static AVR equipped with a power sys tem stabilizer and always better than that of a conventional nonlinear voltage regulator. A linearized analysis has been included for a better understanding of the proposed regula tor. As the regulator design is based on local measurements with no reference to external system parameters it could potentially be used in a multi-machine environment.

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