Prediction of Security Margin under Contingencies: A Fuzzy Inference System

D. Ceron, M. Rios, and J. Sanchez (Columbia)


Fuzzy Inference Systems, Voltage Security Index, Voltage Stability


This document presents a methodology which shows the operative state of an analyzed power system to know its closeness to the voltage collapse. This analysis uses the Mamdani type Fuzzy Inference System (FIS), considering two cases where the input is an index that shows the voltage stability contingency ranking. One of the indexes is the Reactive Support Index (RSI) which establishes the extra amount of reactive generation from all existing dynamic VAr devices, required to get from the normal case nose to the contingency nose when calculating the Power Flow (PF). The second index is the Improved Branch Participation Factor (IBPF), which represents normalized incremental changes in response to the voltages of a system to incremental changes of the demand. The output of this FIS is the operative state of the system. This methodology is tested in MATLAB, using the RTS-96 single area and the IEEE 118 bus system.

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