Embedding High-Speed Power Electronics Simulations in Real-Time Power System Simulations

R.E. Crosbie, J.J. Zenor, R. Bednar, D. Word, and N.G. Hingorani (USA)


Simulation, realtime, multirate, power systems.


Advances in power electronics have revolutionized the design of electrical power systems, particularly in modern applications such as the connection of renewable power sources (e.g. wind, solar) to power grids, power systems for all-electric ships etc. These changes have generated a need for advances in the simulation techniques for such systems, particularly for real-time simulation. Simulation of power converters with controllers switching at kHz frequencies requires frame times that are much shorter than the traditional 50 μsec frame. In addition to the challenge of achieving accurate real-time simulations with frame times as short as 1 μsec or even less, it is necessary to integrate these high-speed components with the real time simulation of the rest of the system. One approach is to design a simulator that combines high-speed real-time platforms with a more conventional real-time simulation system in a distributed multi-rate configuration.

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