New Series Active Power Filter for Computers Loads and Small Non-Linear Loads

M.Y. Tarnini (Lebanon)


Series active power filter (SAPF), non linear loads, power system harmonics


This paper contains a new series single phase active power filter based on high input power factor and low input harmonics, it is for electrical power quality purposes. We developed it in order to define new control schemes characterized by simple control algorithms and a reduced number of current transducers. The filter is designed to meet the requirements of voltage-sourced harmonic loads it is based on a load current estimation using a DC capacitor voltage of active power filter sensing the load current. The proposed filter can improve the problems of conventional small and medium non-linear loads like as computers, system of computers, washing machines, faxes, photocopier machines printers…etc and it also can suppress the harmonic current and compensate for the reactive power at the float charge mode. In general this paper deals with a non-linear loads like as a house loads. The experimental results verify that the proposed filter has the expected performance.

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