Harmonic Currents Circulation in Electrical Networks Simulation and Analysis

W.M. El-Mamlouk, M.A. El-Sharkawy (Egypt), and H.E. Mostafa (Saudi Arabia)


Harmonics, Modeling, Simulation, Test Systems, electric Networks


In this paper, we propose a detailed harmonic flow analysis for the test system consists of 13 buses Balanced Industrial Distribution System (BIDS) to illustrates that the exist of harmonic source in any branch of the system will affect the voltage and current waveforms in most of the system buses before they create problems on the utility supply system. This approach will be useful in arriving at equitable ways of settling customer complaints, sharing the cost of waveform distortion through rate structures, penalties, etc. The study used the current harmonic contents of an adjustable speed drive (ASD) as an example of a harmonic produced load connected at different locations at the (BIDS) and with different loading conditions illustrated using No.18 cases example loads. We used the simulink tool box of the Matlab program for the simulation and analysis of the test system.

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