Intelligent Robust Control Law for Induction Motors based on Field Oriented Control Theory

O. Barambones, P. Alcorta, G. Sevillano, A. Garrido, and I. Garrido (Spain)


Robust Control, Adaptive Control, Power Systems, Non linear Systems, Modelling and Simulation.


In this paper a sensorless adaptive robust control law is pro posed to improve the trajectory tracking performance of in duction motors. The proposed design employs the so called vector (or field oriented) control theory for the induction motor drives and the designed control law is based on an integral sliding-mode algorithm that overcomes the system uncertainties. The proposed sliding-mode control law in corporates an adaptive switching gain to avoid calculating an upper limit of the system uncertainties. The proposed design also includes a new method in order to estimate the rotor speed. In this method, the rotor speed estimation error is presented as a first order simple function based on the dif ference between the real stator currents and the estimated stator currents. The stability analysis of the proposed con troller under parameter uncertainties and load disturbances is provided using the Lyapunov stability theory.

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