A Current Detection based on an Extension of the Prony's Method

C. Deng, X. Xia, and F. Gong (PRC)


harmonic detection; detection accuracy; rapid response; Extension of Prony method for Spectrum Estimation; adaptive;


Although recent development in harmonic detection methods has made inroads in improving performance and efficiency, all those methods share some significant limitations: the detection system is open-looped and employs a fixed frequency that make it difficult to detect and track; the more frequently used instantaneous reactive power harmonic detection method requires a large number of multipliers, and its vector transformation is rather complex together with many other limitations. The new method presented in this paper reaches a satisfying compromise between accuracy and rapid response time. It incorporates the structure and principle of injective Active Power Filter used for effective harmonic wave management. This new detection method is based on an improved extension of the Prony method for Spectrum Estimation and uses adaptive frequency tracking and current frequency demultiplication. It uses a digital signal processor and a high-speed interfacing device. The method is automated through a simple software program. It provides a real-time detection method with a small error rate which meets the practical needs.

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