Morphing Wing Control Validation during Bench Tests

A.V. Popov, L. Grigorie, and R.M. Botez (Canada)


Control, Shape memory actuators, Morphing wing


In this paper the design methodology and test results of a morphing wing controller are presented. A rectangular finite aspect ratio wing having different morphing airfoil wing cross sections due to flexible skin installed on the upper surface of the wing was instrumented with two shape memory alloys actuators which create the displacements of two control points on the flexible skin in order to realize the optimized airfoil shapes. These optimized airfoils were previously calculated for each airflow condition expressed in terms of angles of attack and Mach numbers combinations such that the transition point position was found to be located as nearest as possible to the trailing edge. During the bench tests, the airfoil shapes were scanned by use of a laser beam and the scanned airfoils were verified and validated to the set of theoretical optimized airfoils and to the set of simulated airfoils using the finite element method model. Thus, an excellent validation of our results was obtained.

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