Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Feeding System for Aquaculture Farms

H. Kim, M. Jang, S. Han, and H. Ceong (Korea)


Environmental system, RFID, feeding system, carrier RFID feeder, and tagged fish tank


To produce eco-friendly aquaculture products, there have been several attempts to apply the properties of RFID system which can recognize the movement of targeted objects, to aquaculture station. Convenient and automated system to manage feed and feeding information in aquaculture farm is necessary to reduce cost, labor and fish health management. In this research, we suggest RFID feeding system which is appropriate in aquaculture environment. It is the carrier-RFID feeding system installing mass analyzer identifying movement of feed and input amount of feed into fish tank efficiently. Input amount of feed is estimated by changes of weight from mass analyzer. In addition, the method of installing reader, antenna, and tag of RFID to discriminate feeding tank with nearby tank are suggested. Feeding carrier installing RFID reader and antenna can be recognized when carrier passes fish tank attaching RFID tags. The direction of dipper movement containing feed can recognized by tag on dipper and distinguish exact fed fish tank. Measured information is transferred to server by wireless network, and they are maintained and controlled by the server. Suggested RFID feeding System requires the minimum process to fish farmer in the feeding step.

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