Automation of Paint SAG Measurement and Prediction for Paint Planning and Scheduling

E. Kolakowska and M. Kristiansen (Denmark)


Knowledge acquisition, painting, sag, modelling, automation.


One of the important quality issues to incorporate in development of automatic paint planning systems for robotised painting is knowledge about paint sag. Sagging can occur when a wet paint coat is applied to an inclined surface. The coat is forced by the gravitational force to flow on the surface under its own weight and the cohesive force is contrary opposing the flow. A strategy is developed for making paint experiments and automatically analyse them to produce knowledge about paint sag. It is discovered that fitting a Gaussian distribution to measurements of a paint distribution profile gives a reliable measure of when sag appears and the amount of sag. This paper presents a methodology to produce knowledge about when sag appears from experiments with: inclination of the surface to be painted, the stroke distance between overlapping paint strokes and the time delay between paintings of overlapping paint strokes. The knowledge about sagging can be beneficial for paint planning systems to set the paint stroke distances to a sufficient distance preventing sags. It can furthermore be beneficial for paint strokes scheduling to incorporate a sufficient time delay between overlapping paint strokes preventing sagging.

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