The Bridging of Two Worlds: A Web-IMS Communication Solution

V. Verdot, M. Boussard, N. Bouché, S. Shanmugalingam, and L. Fournigault (France)


Web 2.0, IMS, communication, interworking


IMS is a robust telecommunication service architecture but it is clearly missing a Web 2.0 “touch” to enhance the user experience. These two so different worlds, Web and IMS, actually own a great complementary potential, combining the former’s ease of use and openness with the latter’s quality and reliability. Several works yet tried to integrate telecommunication features into the Web, typically by pro viding a new proprietary infrastructure, but none aimed at interworking with IMS. In this article we try to bring IMS communication services to the Web while preserving the 2.0’s ease of use. Hence, we study how Web users could access to IMS features with no specific requirements ex cepted an Internet browser. Two approaches are presented, a client and a proxy-based, which are discussed regarding their impact on control and data-level mechanisms. We also describe their implementation and some results obtained to prove the feasibility of such a model and the possibility to seamlessly integrate them into a real environment.

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