End-User based Bandwidth Management Scheme for Low-Speed Access Links

J.K. Wambua and I.A. Rai (Uganda)


Bandwidth management, Quality of Service, Low speed access links, Internet traffic variability


Most developing countries are still connected to the Inter net using satellite links, whose high cost limits the amount of bandwidth that can be bought. This leads to poorly over provisioned campus networks where thousands of users are connected to as low as only 20Mbps downlinks. On the other hand, recently emerging applications with diverse flow sizes have worsened the performance of these net works. We propose a bandwidth management scheme that, unlike most existing schemes, doesnt require any involve ment of Internet Service Providers (ISP) or modifying in termediate Internet routers. Instead, the proposed band width scheme is a purely end-user based scheme designed to support quality of service (QoS) in low speed access links by classifying data flows based on their sizes and then limiting the rate of flows that are classified as long-lived by using ack packets delaying technique. We implemented a prototype of the proposed scheme and evaluated its perfor mance. Our experiments show that the proposed scheme achieves the objectives of its design.

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