Building Custom Video Search upon an Existing MAM System

K. Braeckman, R. De Sutter, and M. Verwaest (Belgium)


Media Asset Management, Video Search, Architecture, Indexing


As the amount of archived video content in a public broadcaster’s archive is ever increasing, being able to retrieve the desired items becomes more and more chal lenging. The process of searching and retrieving material is usually implemented by the Media Asset Management (MAM) system, which handles large amounts of metadata describing the video material. The search functionality provided by a MAM system is often insufficiently matched to the functional requirements of the producers and program researchers. A custom video search applica tion that communicates with the existing MAM solution is required. We present an architecture of a customized video search application in this paper. It uses the data in the broadcaster’s MAM system. Although this paper focuses on the MAM system of VizRT, namely Ardome, the pro posed solution is applicable to every MAM system pro viding an API. Our solution, in the form of an architecture and a workflow, allows the development of an entirely customizable search application on top of existing MAM systems. The solution uses clear and simple interfaces together with loosely coupled components so the pro posed components can be easily swapped with alternative implementations.

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