Scalable and Persistent Multimedia Data Management System using the Distribute Interval Trees

H. Yoshinaga, T. Tsuchiya, and K. Koyanagi (Japan)


P2P, Distributed Storage, Multimedia data management, Interval Trees, Replication


A lot of multimedia service and systems using video or mu sic appears with broadband of the Internet including the FTTH. These multimedia data is transmitted to users when it is requested and find it from the storage server. At this time, systems must response to all users quickly using the CDN although many users request a same file. The CDN uses cache or replication method for the load balancing. Also, storage systems must manage files permanently al though disks are collapsed. To meet these demand, we pro posea a multimedia data management system and it man ages multimedia data efficiently in the network of any kind of scale. The system is based on an overlay network con struction using a P2P technology, and its hash space is cre ated in an application layer. Each peer manages neigh borhood in it’s routing table and it is possible to connect with each other. And more, the Distributed Interval Trees is constructed on top of an overlay network. Each peer manages own Interval Trees, and a file is stored to suitable peers by using a hash value from the file. By using the Distributed Interval Trees, we can construct scalable and persistent storage system.

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