Collaboration meets Digital Television - Fact or Fiction?

S. Bachmayer, G. Kotsis (Austria), and A. Lugmayr (Finland)


Collaborative system; collaborative TV; collaborative application; digital TV; interactive TV;


Web 2.0 is the keyword for web-based services during recent years. Consumers socialize with advanced web services such as Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube. They share, contribute, collaborate, network, and communicate through social media services instead of browsing the web as individuals. Traditional media, such as TV face the problem of how to cope with these rapid developments. Broadcasters are exploring possibilities to converge the traditional TV services with novel services coming from the Internet service community. One example is CNNв™s iReporter concept, where consumers can contribute with their audio-visual materials to live news broadcast. Other examples are reality shows, interactive gaming shows, or interactive polls. We perform a first analysis to which extend the shift from individual TV experience watching towards a more networking and collaborative form of TV can be envisioned. We present an initial idea for a more social and collaborative TV.

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