Digital Broadcasting Receiver as a Speech-Controlled Interactive Information System

G. Schatter, A. Eiselt, and B. Zeller (Germany)


Digital broadcasting, speech dialog system, information retrieval


The aim of this paper is to present the fundamentals for the design and the realization of an improved digital broadcast receiver. The concept encompasses the basics of an entirely speech-based user interface for a digital radio in combination with the possibility to specifically search for audio and data content. On the basis of a Digital Audio resp. Multimedia Broadcasting radio set the system utilizes a multichannel receiver with the possibility of simultaneously monitoring a variety of information sources with the purpose to generate spoken replies to verbal user requests. The system embraces an audio repository storing speech-based content elements to enable a memory function and to diminish the volatile property of broadcast content. Other digital communication methods such as satellite and HD RadiosTM or Digital Video Broadcasting are applicable as well. Besides broadcast receivers, the system can be integrated into next-generation mobile devices, such as cell phones, personal information managers, and enhanced car radios.

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