Development of Web-based Virtual CNC Milling Machine and Machining Process Simulation and Learning

A.C. Okafor, V. Irigireddy, R. Gulati, and H. Ahmadi (USA)


Virtual reality, virtual manufacturing, virtual machine tool, modeling and simulation, web-based machining


The increasing global competition, the desire to achieve the best value of production, the need in the for simulation tools to enhance the learning of engineering graduates, and for the ability to visualize manufacturing processes virtually before the actual process led to the development of the concept of virtual manufacturing (VM). VM is a virtual reality-based engineering application that provides an environment to model and simulate an actual manufacturing system through effective use of computers. Virtual computer numerical control (VCNC) involves the development of 3-D simulation environment especially for modeling, visualizing and analyzing the functionality of a machine tool, its CNC controller and the material removal process. This paper presents the results of the investigations into 1) virtual modeling and simulation of Bridgeport Series I R2E3 CNC Milling Machine with Bridgeport Operating System Software (BOSS) 8I, 2) mechanistic modeling and simulation of cutting forces and surface roughness in high speed end-milling of thin-walled components of titanium alloys used in aerospace manufacturing, using end-mills with corner radius, and 3) integration of the mechanistic cutting force models and the virtual machine tools into a web-based machining process simulation and learning.

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