A 3D Internet Interactive Commerce Framework

A. Shaheed, P. Fergus, A. El Rhalibi, O. E. Abuelma'atti, M. Merabti, and M. Price (UK)


3D Internet, Interactive Commerce, Networked Virtual Environment, Content Sharing, Rules Engine, Dynamic Scripting.


With the advent of increased computational power in all types of devices and the multimedia solutions they support, we are starting to see a shift in information use and how it is presented. The World Wide Web gives us a platform for global access to content, however the way information is currently presented to end-users is restricted. Driving a change forward has very much been influenced by new and emerging technologies such as social network, gaming, and virtual world developments. These new technologies show innovative research appearing in what many call the X-Internet and 3D Internet. This appears to be a natural progression given that we live and interact in a 3D world. In support of this many users are now beginning to immerse themselves in feature and information rich environments more closely resembling their real-world counterparts. This phenomenon presents an interesting opportunity to capitalise on these advances to provide a platform, not only to present information in 3D, but to also interact with this content. In this paper we present a new framework, demonstrated using a working prototype, to implement a virtual environment capable of receiving 3D content from an E-commerce site. This content can be manipulated in new and novel ways from a web-based application. A case study has been successfully carried out to demonstrate the applicability of our approach.

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