An Authenticated Anonymous Group Key Management with only One Rekey Message

L.-C. Wuu and C.-H. Hung (Taiwan)


Protection and Security, Group Key Management, Mutual Authentication, Anonymous, ID-based Signature.


In Internet, IP multicast has been used successfully to provide an efficient, best-effort delivery service for group communication applications. However, applications such as multiparty private conference, distribution of stock market information, pay per view and other subscriber services require secure multicast to protect integrity and confidentiality of the group traffic, and validate group member's authenticity. Providing secure multicast for group communication is problematic without a robust group key management. In this paper, we propose an anonymous group key management with ID-based Signature and secret sharing technologies to distribute a new group key securely to each participant of a group with only one rekey message whenever the group membership changes. The key management guarantees that a legal user, without revealing his/her real identity, can join a group after finishing the mutual authentication with the group initiator, and enforces the forward secrecy and backward secrecy.

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