Study of Extraction Process Utilizing Supercritical Fluid for Chlorinated Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Y.-T. Chin, C. Lin, and Y.-M. Wang (Taiwan)


Supercritical fluid extraction, chlorinated aromatichydrocarbons, recovery, soxhlet extraction


The supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) of chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons is investigated by governing a variety of interrelated parameters, including pressure, temperature and velocity of fluid. Based on supercritical fluid extraction technology to extract chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons, the optimum extraction parameters are established and compared with the results of Soxhlet. The result shows the optimal extraction parameters at 250 bar of pressure, 40 degree centigrade of temperature, and 2.0 mL/min for the fluid flow rate. For the influence of solvent experiment, the high recovery of 2-5 rings chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons is applied to n-Hexane and Dichloromethane by the ratio 1:1 and Dichloromethane. Furthermore, it is found that SFE has a higher recovery percentage than Soxhlet for 2 rings chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbon. Regarding to the time consuming, the SFE with 1-5 rings chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons are found to be the faster than Soxhlet. Additionally, the recovery percentage of compounds are between 67.55~89.27 % and 71~112.8 % for 8270 Phenols Mix and TCL Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons Mix, respectively. Based on these results, the SFE is proved to be a better and feasible extraction technology for volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds.

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