Analysis of Transient Ground Surface Displacements due to an Impulsive Point Sink in an Elastic Half Space

J.C.-C. Lu and F.-T. Lin (Taiwan)


Point Sink, Impulsive Pumping, Closed-form Solution,Half Space


This paper presents the axial symmetrical ground surface displacements and excess pore water pressure caused by impulsive pumping in a saturated isotropic poroelastic half space. The formulations of the mathematical model are based on Biot’s three-dimensional consolidation theory of porous media. Closed-form solutions of the transient consolidation deformation and excess pore water pressure are derived by using the Laplace and Hankel integral transforms. The consolidation affected by the critical consolidation parameters are illustrated and discussed. It’s observed that the negative excess pore water pressure increases to a wider region of the aquifer initially and then gradually decreased. Results show that the maximum ground surface horizontal displacement is around 38.5% of the maximum vertical displacement for the pervious ground surface. The study concludes that horizontal displacement is significant and should be considered in prediction of the transient consolidation deformations induced by impulsive groundwater withdrawal.

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