Design of Broadband Horn Antenna with Higher-Order Mode Suppressor

J.-I. Moon and S.-S. Oh (Korea)


Broadband, Horn Antenna, Higher mode, Suppressor


In this paper, we designed a double-ridged horn antenna with the higher-order mode suppressor (HOMS). The cylindrical metal posts were inserted into the double ridged waveguide (DRW) to suppress the higher-order (TE, not TM) mode and covert it into TE10 dominant mode. The TE30 mode of the horn antenna was almost suppressed and its insertion loss was more than 40 dB in the operating frequency range. The peak radiation gain range of TE10 mode with HOMS is almost identical with that of the antenna without HOMS. And the radiation patterns of TE30 mode in the designed antenna are very similar to those of the TE10 mode in a conventional horn antenna.

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