Properties of a Single Bay Turnstile Antenna by Standing Wave Modeling of Current Distribution

M.W. Bari (Bangladesh)


Antennas, Radar and Wave Propagation.


An analytical study of the characteristics of a single bay turnstile antenna is presented. The analysis is based upon standing wave modeling of the current distribution on the constituent dipole elements of a turnstile array. At first, a linear dipole array in the form of a pair of a batwings has been studied. The broadside field pattern is found to be greatly intensified over that of a simple dipole with slight modification in the input impedance. Two such arrays were crossed in phase quadrature to obtain the resulting turnstile characteristics. An approximately circular field pattern with increased gain is observed. When the ends of the dipole elements in the turnstile array are assumed to be shorted by peripheral rings, the antenna characteristics are found to be greatly improved.

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